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Support to Higher Education

An important component of the AREA project is to help strengthen higher education in agriculture in Haiti. AREA researchers are working with seven agricultural institutions in Haiti to modernize the curricula to ensure that it is responsive to the needs of the agricultural sector. AREA is conducting research with the administrators, faculty, graduates, and potential employers from the private and public sector. 

Faculty Development Academy

This program increases the competency and skills in curriculum development, pedagogical approaches and educational research methods among faculty at six major agricultural universities in Haiti. These leaders will serve as change agents for educational reform.

MS Graduate and Certificate Programs

Haitian students are earning master's degrees at the University of Florida or Louisiana State University as part of the AREA project. The students are conducting research projects that match priorities identified by farmers, service providers and other agricultural professionals in Haiti. Separately, several Haitian agricultural professionals are working to earn nondegree graduate certificates from the distance program of the University of Florida's Institute of Agricultural Sciences that will enable them to improve their expertise in a diversity of topics. These formal educational programs will improve work force knowledge and skills among professionals who serve the agriculture sector in Haiti.

Pilot Projects 

AREA established a Pilot Projects program to support the development of agricultural research professionals, encourage collaboration among researchers and research institutions, and address agricultural research priorities identified by farmers and agricultural service providers in Haiti. The program was established in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Direction of Innovation, Haitian higher education institutions, and other key partners within the agricultural sector. 

Deadline for grants has passed. 

Category No. 1: Acquisition of supplies and other nonexpendable items

AREA issued two requests for applications for these grants to fund laboratory and field supplies, nonexpendable items and tools to enhance the capacity of qualified individuals to conduct research or deliver improved course content related to agricultural research and education in Haiti. Seven Haitian researchers and education professionals received awards of up to $4,000. 

Category No. 2: Individual research 

These grants supported individual researchers from the higher education agricultural institutions, Center for Research and Agricultural Documentation (CRDA) and other technical branches of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Centers for Sustainable Development (CRDDs). Award amounts were up to $8,000 USD. 

Category No. 3: Collaborative research 

These grants funded interdisciplinary teams of researchers to conduct collaborative research projects that incorporate a systems approach to address a research topic within our defined priority areas. Private sector partners could be members of the collaborative project but they could not lead a project. Awards weree up to $20,000 USD. 

Eligibility: Only those affiliated with a Haitian higher education institution, a technical branch of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) or the Rural Centers for Sustainable Development (CRDDs) were eligible. Private sector organizations could participate only as partners on the collaborative research grants (Category 3).

Reviewers: AREA was assisted by qualified Haitian volunteers who served on a panel to review submissions. Learn more.  

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