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AREA Project to Leave a Long-Lasting Legacy

The 5-year USAID-funded and University of Florida-managed project sparked widespread collaboration with university, government and farming partners to strengthen the capacity of Haitians to improve the country’s critical agricultural sector. Read the story

Rose Koenig demostrating microscopeSuccess Story: Haiti Plant Pathology Partnership

AREA partnered with government agencies, research centers and universities to modernize Haiti's plant disease diagnostic labs and to train technicians and students to identify new and emerging diseases that threaten key crops in Haiti. Read the story.

Raphael with signSuccess story: Better Beans Bring Hope of Reducing Food Insecurity

AREA is working to address the shortcoming by developing advanced varieties of beans that researchers hope will make help the country become more self-sufficient and lessen its chronic food insecurity. Read the story

Joubert Fayette Karen Garrett and Lemâne DelvaAREA-sponsored research team at the University of Florida identifies pathogen causing rot in Haiti eggplants

The team's discovery of the fungus, Lasiodiplodia hormozganensis, is a key step in developing methods to control the disease infecting one of Haiti's staple crops. Pictured: AREA plant pathology research team leader Joubert Fayette (left), Ph.D., University of Florida Preeminent Professor Karen Garrett, and AREA Director of Research Lemâne Delva, Ph.D. Read the story.

AREA Hosts Major International Conference on Agricultural Research and Innovation in Haiti

More than 100 scholars, researchers and agricultural experts attended the Feed the Future Haiti AREA project's International Conference on Agricultural Research and Innovation. Researchers gathered in Pétionville, Haiti to showcase their work on critical aspects of Haiti agriculture, and to share knowledge and identify opportunities for research and extension activities. Read the news: English | French. Conference website: | . NEW: Watch videos and read presentations

women's conference Riphine etcAREA holds conference to empower new generation of Haitian women 

More than 150 young women scholars attended a two-day professional development conference held by AREA with the aim of advancing the careers of women enrolled at seven agricultural institutions of higher education in Haiti. Read the full story to learn why professional women are especially needed to help Haiti improve its agricultural sector and its overall economy. Read the story

Four Florida PhDs from Haiti Spearhead Project

Meet a quartet of scholars who are leading research programs for the AREA project. They were each born in Haiti, excelled in school and separately found their way to the University of Florida, where they each earned doctorates. Now they are leading the AREA project to build the capacity of scholars, farm advisers and other Haitians to find ways to produce more food in their homeland. Read the story

News and Updates

Haitian master’s students in spotlight at ag research forum

Fifteen AREA-sponsored master of science students graduated in August, and they say they are eager to help address a long list of agricultural challenges faced by Haiti.

AREA joins Ministry of Agriculture to train extension agents

Norma Samuel front page
Norma Samuel, an expert in Caribbean extension services from Florida, says training well-rounded extension professionals can help build better lives for Haiti's small-scale farmers. 

Haitian entrepreneurs gain skills to build food businesses

three women food business owners - No. 2 - 275 x 165

Women business owners flocked to AREA's training on the fundamentals of running a food-processing business in Haiti. Read about three women entrepreneurs who attended. 

Featured Video

Our little video lasts just one minute and forty seconds. But it tells a big story: How the Feed the Future Haiti AREA project is helping Haitian agricultural professionals and institutions modernize the country’s farming sector. 

About the Project

The Feed the Future Haiti Appui à la Recherche et au Développement Agricole (AREA) project is addressing food insecurity and undernutrition by strengthening and supporting Haitian institutions. The project, also known as Support to Agricultural Research and Development, is a USAID-funded, Haitian-driven agricultural partnership. Learn more: About Us.